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Jerome Ghost Hunt

paranormal picture of ghost sighting

Should you choose, it will be your mission to document that paranormal activities do in fact happen here. You will be provided with a Tour Guide, EMF meter, IR thermometer and digital camera during your ghost hunt tour.    The ghost hunt will start with a visit to our boiler room and then move on to other parts of the hotel (Hospital) itself .  Once the tour is complete you will be able to use the EMF meter and IR thermometer for the entire night. Hopefully you will have captured a strange paranormal activity on camera.  All the pictures you take on the ghost hunt tour will be put onto a cd for you to take home and enjoy.

Tour guide, Chris Altherr, has this to say:

"There has been a lot of strange paranormal activity at the hotel that dates back to the early years when the hospital opened. Guests learn the history surrounding the strange ghost stories told year after year, visit areas where previous paranormal sightings have occurred and use real equipment to try and capture their own ghost pictures. Many share those pictures with me; and I see a lot of ghost orbs."

One anonymous guest had this to say:

"I don't really believe in ghosts, but it did sound like a lot of fun. I got to be a paranormal investigator for the night, complete with technical equipment. It was thrilling. I would get chills when heard the stories and saw the actual places where sightings occurred. The meter would move and I'd start snapping photos nervously, hoping I could capture a spirit. It was even better the next day when I discovered orbs in the pictures I'd taken."

Front Desk Clerk, Debbie Altherr:

"I hear over and over from our guests how 'exciting the ghost hunt was', 'the history amazing', 'a wonderful experience' and more. They are excited to talk about the ghosts and spirits and the pictures they have to take home and share."

Web designer, Brenda Link:

"I recently spent two days updating the pictures on the web site. I would take two sets of pictures, one right after the other to make sure I got a good shot of every room and hallway. After I downloaded the photos, I discovered an apparition on one picture that looked like it was moving away on the next. One room had many ghost or spirit orbs of different sizes and brightness on both sets."


 The ghost hunt tour is sold as a hotel package so you must be a guest of the hotel to go on the tour!  To book please contact the hotel  for rates and availability at 928-634-8200 0r toll free at 888-817-6788.
               TOUR PRICING 

    $30 per person and $20 for kids 12 and under. The tour starts at 6pm and includes ghost hunting equipment. (booking the ghost hunt tour will get you 10% off your standard room price for however many nights you decide to stay with us!)

         (limited space available!)

 Be sure to check the Ghost Hunt Photos page. We will be updating this page regularly with actual guest photos of ghosts, orbs, apparitions or any other paranormal anomaly encountered.

Ghost nurse sighting? Probably not