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1926 Otis Elevator

1926 Otis Elevator in Jerome Grand Hotel

The first "self service" Otis elevator (an elevator not requiring an operator) was installed in St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, in 1925. The Otis elevator located in the Jerome Grand Hotel was installed in October 1926. It is fully operational and provides service to all five levels of the Hotel. Never having been modernized with automatic doors or any other upgrades available, this is the oldest original "self service" elevator in Arizona and possibly the United States. It has been out of order for a total of 4 hours and 15 minutes in the past 10 years, far exceeding the dependability of most modern elevators.


The State of Arizona provides inspections at regular intervals of the equipment and safety devises to Lobby and Otis Elevatorinsure the elevator is safe for public use. Traveling at a speed of 50 ft. per minute, it takes 45 seconds to reach the top level. Some modern elevators travel at speeds in excess of 800 ft. per minute thus reaching as high as 60 stories in the same amount of time. This charming elevator delights our guests.


1926 Kewanee Boiler

The original 50 horsepower Kewanee boiler provides low pressure steam heat to all rooms. Fired by natural gas, the burner can produce between 800,000 and 2,500,000 BTU's. The dual vacuum pumps help in the recovery of water which is returned to the boiler. One pump can be worked on while the other continues in service. This was considered "state of the art" 1926 Kewanee Boilerwhen installed in 1926 and is still providing safe, efficient heat with the original GeneralElectric pump motors.