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Ghostly Story Links

Is the Jerome Grand Hotel really haunted? Are there ghosts and spirits roaming from the past? Check out what other sites have to say about the Jerome Grand Hotel and its paranormal sightings and experiences!

Southwest Ghost Hunters Association (Ghostly Sounds)

"The most common occurrence is the sound of labored breathing and coughing coming from empty rooms. Worse, these sounds often emanate from a dark corner of a guest's room. The guest in question usually describes a sharp drop in temperature, followed by a dusty smell. Then the coughing begins, along with wheezing behind it. One patron actually left his room and spent the night in the lobby after hearing such noises."

Epinions (Invisible ghost story)

"Yet another story I had run across was that of a guest who saw a door open without any human help when he went to bed one night. He was so frightened, he slept in the lobby."

Legends of America (nurse apparition)

"One of the first reports of a spectral soul was that of a woman dressed in white that began to be seen on a hospital balcony shortly after its opening. "

Essortment (story on paranormal activity)

"The hotel and the town itself have been featured in several paranormal television programs and magazines."

Haunted Houses (haunted room story)

"A guest in room 32 watched in fascinated horror as he saw the bathroom door in his room quietly open and close by itself."

The Arizona Republic (haunted hotel)

"Other commonly reported experiences include strange noises, such as the sounds of coughing and labored breathing coming from empty rooms. Worse, I had read on hauntedplaces.com that these sounds sometimes emanate from a dark corner of a guest's room."

Prairie Ghosts (ghost story)

"In July 1997, a guest claimed that the bathroom door in his room opened by itself. He was so frightened that he remained in the lobby for the rest of the night!"

Arizona Leisure A Tour of Arizona Haunted Hotels (hauntings)

"Witnesses say they’ve experienced objects moving about, doors opening and closing on their own, strange noises, ghostly voices, and appliances that turn themselves on and off."

Geocities Arizona Jerome (ghost orb pictures)

"Many people claim that when taking pictures here, they turn out with a weird ghostly haze on them. "